Welcome to Tmber


We've got that old pioneering spirit up here in the mighty Northwest. Give us a good pack and two months provisions and we're off. Heck, make it three months. We'll roll up our sleeves, tighten our boot straps, and make it happen. 

Well, that's the idea at least. Truth is, we all live pretty busy lives, and getting outside for fun requires a hefty effort that can sometimes be more of a burden than it's worth. Here at Tmber, we get that. In fact, it's the foundation we stand on. 

After a botched attempt at a trail one summer, Brian wondered aloud how we could make it easier for people to connect with their next adventure. To simplify the process of finding a trail so that more time could be spent actually enjoying the trail. 

With that idea in mind, we started Tmber. And that's what this site is all about: helping people discover the adventure that's right for them, in their allotted time frame and at their current skill level. See you out there.


To give us a high five, join our team, suggest a trail, or just about anything else, send us a message here.

Who we are

John Escher

John is the creative force behind Tmber. He handles the writing, design, and video work.

Brian Franey

As R&D Director, Brian steers the ship towards exciting new trails and mountains.

Nina Franey

Nina keeps everything on the up and up behind the scenes. She's an architect, teacher, and lover of the Northwest.

Daniel Escher

Daniel's specialty is research and expansion. And wearing funny hats. He loves all things Pacific Northwest.