Greg Klassen River Collection
Greg Klassen River Collection
Greg Klassen River Collection
Greg Klassen River Collection
Greg Klassen River Collection

Whoa. A table with a river flowing through it? Stop it. Mind blown. Seriously, could you imagine a dinner party gathered around this thing? Or working on an Excel spreadsheet with your mouse clacking on all that natural beauty? Everything would be, like, at least 200% better with a table from Greg Klassen’s River Collection as the foundation.

Each piece is created entirely by Klassen, who lives just outside Bellingham, with hand-cut glass and wood that is sustainably sourced from the banks of the Nooksack River, which flows nearby his workshop. River to river. That’s a deep connection. It’s gorgeous, it’s art, it’s functional, it’s radical. Check it out. Klassen is unbelievably talented. 

All images © Matthew Bergsma


Go Big or Go Home

We're doing something a little different this summer here at Tmber Headquarters. We've heard through the grapevine about the exciting things some of you are doing over the coming months. Embarking on new adventures, leaving the familiar behind, and finding a new path to take, literally and figuratively.  We thought that y'all would be as interested in hearing these stories as we are, and so we're expanding our Tmber Dispatches from the Field to highlight these brave souls. Find your way, find yourself. Onwards and upwards, folks.

27-year-old Tmber Ambassador Chris Berry recently quit his job, sold his car, boxed up his belongings, and kissed the love of his life goodbye. For the next five months he'll be attempting to hike 2,660 miles from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail with his tent buddies, Ben and Nick. Follow along as we hear from him via audio memos and images taken from his phone.   

Dispatch #1: The buzz

Chris, Ashley, and Nick head north from the Mexican Border, aiming for Julian, 77.8 miles away. Favorite animals spotted: Garter snake, jackrabbit, skunk, bluebird, stellars jay. Song: Fires by Band of Skulls

Me (Chris) in front of a repurposed road marker

Nick and Ashley signing us in at the border. Gotta have proof. 

Ash, Nick, and I passed a lot of unique rock formations like these.

Nick next to our fire at the end of Day 4.


No Phone

We know, we know. It's all about moderation. But this (soon to be closed) Kickstarter campaign from The NoPhone Team has us laughing – and a little blown away by the support it has garnered ($12K at time of this post and counting).

Here's the premise: smartphone addiction has us reeling, looking for meaning, entertainment, and connection in a small rectangular object. Enter the tongue-in-cheek NoPhone, providing its users an alternative: the comfort of a phone, without any of the function. Camera free, Bluetooth incompatible, no wireless network required. Just a smooth plastic weighted semblence of a phone. Upgrade to the mirrored version for "real-time" selfies for yourself, and anyone who happens to be in close vicinity.

Funny right? And more than a little ironic. We're not going to swap out our phones for the NoPhone – yet. But that run we've been putting off because it's raining? We're putting down our phones and heading outside, in search of a little meaning, entertainment, and connection.

Remember how we told you that Beers Made By Walking was in Seattle, all geared up to do a little hiking and brewing with the help of Friends of the Cedar River Watershed (FCRW) and some local brewers? Lo and behold, after a little hiking and a whole lot of brewing, nine place-based beers and ciders are ready to be tapped. Join in the fun at Naked City Brewing on October 23 from 6-9 pm to get your hands on a pint. Beers will be sold in sets of samples and by the pint, until they run out, with proceeds going to benefit FCRW.

Thanks to Beers Made by Walking and Friends of the Cedar River Watershed for the photos above.


On Fire


A little over a year ago, we were bit by the prancercising craze. This year, 1980s aerobics are all the rage here at Tmber headquarters. Spandex and all, baby.

Thanks to Crystal Light and the Association of National Aerobics Championships for hosting these glorious events, and thanks to YouTube for the sweet trip down memory lane.



Using a variety of media, Polish street artist NeSpoon has adorned a series of spaces – indoor and outdoor, natural and urban – with intricate lace patterns. Some are suspended in mid-air, twisting and turning with the wind, while others are permanently affixed or embedded. All are light, delicate, and gorgeous. Who knew a doily could be so compelling?

Photos courtesy of NeSpoon and



Outdoors Rx

We'll admit it. We're big fans of public radio. Good content, those soothing voices, no commercials – what's not to like? Just yesterday, we had some mega fist pumping going on while listening to a segment on The Takeaway, highlighting an awesome program in Boston. In partnership with the Appalachian Mountain Club, pediatricians are handing out prescriptions to their young patients to get outside and play. (Cue standing ovation!)

Those silly goofballs pictured above are some of our youngest Tmber fans, and we love heading out with them on the trail. Sure, it takes work, but the payoff is great. Everyone gets to escape, even if it's for just a couple of brief miles, breathe in some fresh air, and perhaps skip a rock or two or stand in the spray of a waterfall. A great prescription for all.

To listen to the interview, head over here.

A few years ago, we discovered Beers Made By Walking (BMBW), who had just launched a series of hikes in Colorado Springs that culminated in a whole lot of fun, beer drinking, and charitable giving. We were sold then – pure brilliance, we said. Fast forward to today, when we practically had our socks knocked off upon discovering that BMBW has traveled to the great PNW, and are here – yes, even as the words are being writ – in Seattle. Good news all around.

Here's the scoop: head on over to their site, and reserve yourself a (free) ticket for a hike through Discovery Park on July 22nd. Meander through the park with brewers from Naked City Brewing and Fremont Brewing, along with several other great folks, and let the magic begin. From BMBW:

In addition to learning about water issues in the region, hikers will learn about the edible and medicinal plants that grow along the trail. These plants will inspire a series of beers that will serve as drinkable, landscape portraits of the trails that we walk. In the Fall, these beers will be available to the public and will serve as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed.

Awesome, right? Tickets go on sale today, July 15.