Dosewallips and Steam Donkeys

Platform Tent at Dosewallips State Park
Dosewallips State Park
Dosewallips River
Quality Time in the Platform Tent
Shellfish Beach
Steam Donkey Trail
Water water everywhere

A backpacking trip on the coast sidelined by injury left us staring bleakly into the barrel of an empty three-day weekend. Not to be denied, we fired up the old world wide web and looked around for lodging on the cheap. In a standoff between modern comforts and braving the elements, a compromise was made, a state park was notified, and the family was off like a herd of wild turtles to the inner chambers of the Puget Sound. 

We arrived at Dosewallips State Park with an armful of wet firewood, down comforters, and a brand new Discover Pass on the windshield. City slickers. Even had to ask the ranger for the correct pronunciation of Dosewallips (doh-see-wahl-ups). We pulled up to our $47-per-night platform tent and unloaded. 

The platform tent was a few scraps of wood and canvas nailed together, but the gold miners were on to something when they put these together back in the day. Sturdy and plenty big, the tent had room to sleep five comfortably, an electric heater to keep the kid warm, and a lamp for late night reading. Highly recommended for winter family retreats. 

Checked out the Steam Donkey Trail for another hit Tmber video and then took in the sights at nearby Shellfish Beach. Got the green light to harvest up to 18 oysters, and we took them back to the fire pit and cooked them in the shell until they popped open and we slurped them down on the spot. Delicious.

We're giving our official thumbs up to winter camping at Dosewallips State Park. Nice to be able to keep things simple and yet have the benefit of a little modern electrical heat so the kids (and wimpy adults) don't freeze at night. Plenty to do, plenty to see. Definitely a worthy stop on the train of life. Wow, yes, we just said that.