A Neighborhood Hike


A Neighborhood Hike

A trip report for Cherry Creek Falls
Posted by DawnShimabukuro
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Minor obstacles, but hikeable
Bugs: Bring spray
Snow Level: No snow

What a perfect day for this hike, so close to home. We started on the trail at 4:20 and made it to the falls in exactly one hour! Were completely alone on the trail and at the falls. Spent about 20 minutes at the falls snapping photos and taking in the sound of the water...love that. The bugs took notice of our leisureness which prompted us to start back, well that and.... (a beer and burger were calling us to the Duvall Tavern...the Washington Burger...carmelized onion, and thin apple slices with a slice of sharp white cheddar and bacon...perfection!). Would definitely consider this a "go-to" trail when time is an issue...it's easily accessible and the trail markers do help...the arrows are painted white on rocks and trees in those spots were you're not sure which way to go...plus you get the bonus of the falls at the end! I was staring up a lot at the moss laden trees...there are so many shades of green, especially the way the sun was shining at different times of the day.

Love nature made framing.

This is the car (truck?) hidden in amongst the trees...my husband spotted it on the way up the trail...I would have totally missed it!