Our 1st nighttime trail hike.


Our 1st nighttime trail hike.

A trip report for Poo Poo Point
Posted by DawnShimabukuro
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Bring spray
Snow Level: No snow

Note to self...Always read the whole trail hike review...I saw this hike and wanted to do it for the length, elevation gain and view point at the finish. We started at about 4:45 and knew that we'd be doing the return in the dark, so we did plan ahead and had our head lamps for illumination. Our goal was to make it to the point for sunset, but by the time we got to the mile marker that showed only 0.5mi to the end, the sun had already pretty much set. We decided to head to the point anyway, since we were so close; however when the trail started to descend and we realized we would be climbing back up to get back to the trail, we gave up and turned around...that half mile was feeling like 5 miles by that time....On the way back, the stars were peeking through the trees and the trail was so quiet and peaceful, had it all to ourselves. When we returned to the trailhead at about 9:00, I decided to finally read the trail review, which detailed the info about the trail descent at the end, as well as the fact that at the viewpoint, you would see a parking lot, making it a little disappointing, realizing that driving there was an option too...hmmm...All that aside, we are glad we did this hike and will definitely do it again, starting out at least an hour earlier, to be sure that we arrive at the view point, before sunset...The trail descent in the dark was really cool though, and easy to navigate with head lamps and recommend it if you're interested in testing out any nighttime equipment.

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Don't be discouraged by the parking lot, it is only a bus that goes up there to drop off/pick up paragliders. General public cant park up there I'm pretty sure. Bring another layer too! It gets super windy. btw, love that sunset picture.

Got to the love the night hikes! Great photos!