A trip report for Wallace Falls
Posted by DawnShimabukuro
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: No snow

After driving by the sign showing the way to Wallace Falls for the past 35 years, we finally turned left and headed to the trailhead with some good friends today. A fantastic way to start off the new year, new hikes and adventures to come. The trail was fairly quiet and we weren't too cold once our bodies heated up from the exertion of the climb, which felt great! So happy today, we got to check off this very popular trail, from our "HikingTrail Bucket List" where should we go next weekend? Decisions, decisions!

Valley View

Woodpecker, pecking away...

Bonus sunset over the Skykomish river on the way home.

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Wow! The falls looks crazy full. Love it!