Paradise to Ingraham Flats


Paradise to Ingraham Flats

A trip report for Camp Muir & Ingraham Flats
Posted by dciscool
Road Issues: Minor potholes
Trail Condition: Minor obstacles, but hikeable
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: Starts at 6,000 ft

Hey everyone! so me and my friends have been pretty busy so the weekends are our only free time for now. So we decided to do a one day push from Paradise to Ingraham Flats and then back down in one day.
Started at 8 from paradise, got to muir around 12. A 4 hour climb to Camp Muir best for me so far!
I will not lie it was intimidating to put your harness, helmet and rope up on the glacier for the first time. It was nice out! Barely any wind, no rock or icefall that we saw. I t was my first time up to Ingraham Flats and i did not want to leave. It was so nice and quiet! a big difference than muir. Had no problem with altitude sickness, ive been to adams before but you never know, so i took my time where it was needed. A good hard push that was needed. I have that mental barrier that i would LOVE to overcome very soon. Little doubt of if i can do this or not....but hey you have to take that leap of faith you will see things that you will never forget!

Ingraham Glacier coming down and disappointment cleaver on your right. Beautiful!!

Me and Little Tahoma

Little Tahoma...huge!!! in real really do not describe how beautiful it is

Pain is temporary..glory is forever

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I love that there is almost nobody who loves Mt. Rainier more than DC!

I have that shirt and that jacket too!

Good words of wisdom regarding the rewards of taking a leap of faith! Congratulations Darren- so great to see your photos.