Mt Hood South Side


Mt Hood South Side

A trip report for Mount Hood South Climb
Posted by dciscool
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Minor obstacles, but hikeable
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: Starts at 6,000 ft

Not a bad day for a summit! My buddy picked me up around 2:30 from tacoma and we got to to Timberline lodge around 6. We had dinner out at the parking lot. Pasta with shrimp and pesto!!
We spent some time in the lodge resting. By the time it was 10:00 pm there were a lot of cars in the parking lot. We set off at 11:15 from the trailhead and started up the mountain. No moon so all we had were headlamps and the lights from the snow cats up on the snowfield. Busy night at Hood!

We skirted around and got to the top of the Palmer Lift in 2 hours. Up the Triangle Moraine we went, it was steep! We put crampons on halfway up. Started to smell that oh so lovely smell of sulfur and it was making me feel nauseated and sick. At devils kitchen i could breath but it was taking big breaths. Decided to stick with my mouth on breathing and not my nose through that area. Onto the Hogsback and I was still feeling sick. Kept going though because i knew it not something serious. There may have been 10 people ahead of us. Up towards the old chute but we went right up the Mazama chute. Lots of loose ice but still some good boot pack. I used my ice axe and one tool. People were getting up the chute with just an ice axe.

The feeling when I got up out of the chute and saw sunrise and the other mountains was priceless. Almost shed a tear on the summit! me and my buddy had the summit to ourselves for about 10 minutes before people started to traverse over. Nice views! Could see Portland and the Columbia River as well as the Dalles. Nice views all around!

Heading down the mazama was not an option without no protection. We traversed the catwalk (scary as hell)and proceeded down the old chute.

All in all a good day! 11 hour round trip on no sleep!

Mt. Hoods shadow dominating the landscape

My climbing buddy James and I

Looking west to Portland over the traverse

I'm going to head down but first let me take a selfie;)

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That shadow picture is seriously awesome! Nice write up!