Mt. St Helens trifecta


Mt. St Helens trifecta

A trip report for Mount St. Helens Climb (Spring)
Posted by dciscool
Road Issues: Minor potholes
Trail Condition: Minor obstacles, but hikeable
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: Starts at 6,000 ft

Hey everyone! Got my dad out of the house for once;)
First time being out since January. His first time up St. Helens, and he is the second one in his family to do it (not including me)
This was the first time we had no snow in the trail since July of 2011. Of course we had small glaciers of both sides of us heading on up, but the monitor Ridge was snow free. Made it up in about 4 hours. A lot of boulder scrambling and pumice. Little wind but it was nice up there. We had our binoculars so we were looking up towards Rainier and you could see the sun reflecting off of the windows at camp muir. Crazy! You could not see people but you could see the line in the snow. Poor helpless souls;) not a lot of people up there..bring lots of water/gatorade. 1 hiking pole worked well.....I think 2 would get in the way. Start early it was hot around 11am. We started around 5. Of course it is a permit mountain starting may 15th.
If you are looking for a permit. Type "mt St. Helens institute" into google and it'll likely be the first link.

Me heading on up

My dad and his sneaky camera skills

Yolo lol

Who's that fancy character??

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Nice! That Tmber tee shot is definitely going into the gallery. Thanks for posting Darren.