Worming through the flows


Worming through the flows

A trip report for Mount St. Helens Climb (Spring)
Posted by dciscool
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: Starts at 4,000 ft

Hope you all do not mind another St Helens Trip report!
I had no school Friday so I was either going to sleep in till 12 or get 2 hours of sleep and go climbing...you know the answer to that one!
Today was the first day that the permits were limited to 100 people. Warm, windy clear then cloudy. The snow was absolute crap. My buddy had snowshoes and they weren't working. I had crampons and they were useless. We just kept going up from the boot pack that was left over from Mothers Day;D
Left marble mtn sno park at 6:45. Got to the summit around 12:45. Glissaded down and down! So much fun! 2 hours down. Clouds were forming but no rain! I gotta go in the fall then I have all seasons covered!

Good ol south face of Helens

Summit looking over at Adams

Ferocious beast in front of me

Make that two ferocious beasts!

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Great photos Darren! Glad you made the choice to climb instead of sleeping :).