Bowl & Pitcher, Riverside State Park


Bowl & Pitcher, Riverside State Park

Posted by Hannah Neill
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: No snow

This trail is easy to find and easy to navigate. Signs for the park and for Bowl & Pitcher are all over the roads in the area. You have to have a Discover Pass to park as it is a state park. Parking is easy, and once you cross the swinging bridge you are off into the wild blue yonder of Bowl & Pitcher in Riverside State Park. This area is gorgeous. Huge basalt rocks line the edges of the river and make really cool formations.

If you go right at the end of the swinging bridge, you'll wind your way up to the top of Nine Mile and have the option of following a road up or down the river. If you go left at the end of the bridge, you'll wander through miles and miles of connected trails, all of which are well-maintained. Most are in really good condition, though some of the smaller ones are muddier, but still easy to navigate. The trails are dog, horse, and bike friendly, though make sure you look for signs, as some trails don't allow horses or bikes on them.

There is a port-a-potty in the parking lot and a trail bathroom at the top of Nine Mile that is well marked.

The park is well-maintained all year round, so even in the dead of winter, when the rest of Spokane is shrouded in snow, the park will still be accessible and fun to be in. It's perfect for picnics in the summer, and an awesome place to mountain bike.

View of the Spokane River.

The trail bathroom at the top of Nine Mile.

The swinging bridge over Spokane River. To the right is the fastest way to the top of Nine Mile and some sweet scenic views. To the left is miles and miles of interconnected trails.

Shoutout to Sam and Boston for being awesome adventuring partners.

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That bridge is incredible- thanks for posting!