Luck of the draw


Luck of the draw

A trip report for Enchantment Lakes
Posted by John Escher
Road Issues: Minor potholes
Trail Condition: Minor obstacles, but hikeable
Bugs: Bring spray
Snow Level: Starts at 6,000 ft

We did the early morning ranger station lottery and walked out of there with a lucky permit to camp at Colchuck Lake. We stayed the night on a little tarn that was perfect for swimming and then woke up early at 5am to head up Aasgard to the inner sanctum of the Enchantments. The pass was snow free to the top, minus one small section at about 6,500 elevation. Not a problem.

The whole upper basin was still covered in snow, which made for an easy trek up Little Annapurna. Lots of climbers heading up Dragontail Peak as well. Great conditions for climbing.

The center basin was half melted out, and the lower basin was completed melted out. We turned around at Lake Vivian and went back out the way we came, arriving at our car about midnight. Good thing McDonald's was still open; we were very hungry.

Risky business out there

The goat are all over the place

Absolutely perfection

Looking down on the beast from the top of Little Annapurna

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What a great memory.

I love that place! Little Annapurna is definitely worth it. It just adds about an hour's worth of time - great view for the price of an easy scramble.* On a clear day, you can see Rainier to the north. It was the first time that I understood the name "Cascades" for this humble mountain range - you can literally see water cascading off of hills and ridges, forming valleys and creeks and rivers. Beautiful.

*If you remove your pack to make walking up easier, remember where you put it. (Lesson learned.)