Dirty Harry's Peak Hike


Dirty Harry's Peak Hike

A trip report for Dirty Harry's Peak & Balcony
Posted by kelenlewis
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Minor obstacles, but hikeable
Bugs: Bring spray
Snow Level: No snow

Hiked up to Dirty Harry's Peak on a beautiful sunny day! A very fun hike stopping at the balcony and the peak. The only bad part about the hike were all the bugs that were swarming around us. This was my first time hiking this trail and I was surprised at how steep the trail began to get near the top! It was a hot Washington day with clear skies and the view at the top was wealth worth the trek. After coming back from the hike and ditching out bags in my car we took a dip in the South Fork Snoqualmie River, and it felt amazing after the hot and sweaty hike up and back down. I highly recommend anyone to go check this hike out! Lots of fun!

Up at the peak!

Looking down on the lake below.

A shot from the balcony with I-90 in the background.

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Nice! Good call on the swim at the end.