Mt. Adams


Mt. Adams

A trip report for Mount Adams South Climb
Posted by Nathan Putnam
Road Issues: Minor potholes
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: Only after 7,000 ft

Adams was in perfect condition fourth of July weekend. Snow near pikers peak and beyond stayed nice and firm for crampons until we descended at around 9am. We had practically no wind the entire trip.

Planning your descent later in the day will give you good snow for glissading all the way down piker's to lunch counter. Be safe! We saw some accidents from people jumping into glissade chutes that were still too icy to control speed. It sure makes a mountain easier when most of the descent is conquered by sitting on your butt!

Overall a wonderful climb that I would recommend to anyone (with self-arrest and snow travel knowledge). Views from lunch counter and beyond are amazing!

Relaxing as the sun set at lunch counter

The mountain in the fading light before our summit bid

Morning light breaking the darkness as we make our way to piker's peak

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So jealous! You're climbing your way across the state. Love the shots.