Boeing Creek Park


Boeing Creek Park

A trip report for Boeing Creek Loop
Posted by Nina Franey
Road Issues: Road is great
Trail Condition: Easy to navigate
Bugs: Not an issue
Snow Level: No snow

We went looking for a kid-friendly hike close to home, and we found it at Boeing Creek Park in Shoreline, an open reserve sandwiched between Innis Arden and Shoreline Community College. Shoreline Parks Department provides a great pdf map for download, which was helpful in planning out our day in advance as there are several trails that intersect within the park. Parking is plentiful along 175th with easy access to picnic benches where we had our lunch at the hike’s end.

After a quick review of our ‘hiking rules’ (stay together, be kind to all living things, and no poking each other with sticks), we started out on the Pond Loop Trail, segued to the Boeing Creek Loop Trail with a short offshoot to Hidden Lake, then returned to Pond Loop Trail back to our starting point. The troop of kids we had in tow were particularly excited about the two wet creek crossings and the dry creek crossing (although I am sure that this too is wet in winter months) as well as the little beach and ducks at Hidden Lake. We saw great douglas fir trees along the way, and the trail varied up and down, keeping us guessing as to what was next. It was hard to believe that we were in the middle of the city; it was truly a quiet and peaceful place (with the exception of the chatter originating from our clan).

Tips: there are no bathrooms or drinking water (that we could find) at the park, so be prepared. The park is open to dogs on a leash. There’s some interesting trivia to ponder about the giant sinkhole that occurred at the park in 1996; a sign along the Pond Loop Trail at the location of the sinkhole provides more in depth information for those interested.

Hidden Lake

Dry Creek Crossing

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Great weekend for Boeing Park. Water is sparkling and the sun is delightful. Saw families and dogs having a wonderful time. We included Shoreview Park above the creek and then walked the dry bed back to the car. Perfect for families and kids love it!

Great weekend for a walk in Boeing Park. The weather is perfect, the water is sparkling and families and dogs were enjoying it all. Give it a try!

I know...our rule list is getting longer each week! so much to learn out there...

This looks really fun! I love the hiking rules :)